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Kanha National Park


Kanha National Park Fact File

Location of Kanha National Park : Balaghat Districts, Madhya Pradesh
Nearest Access to Kanha National Park : Mandla * Balaghat
Coverage area of Kanha National Park : 1,940-sq-kms.
Climate of Kanha National Park : Winter : varies between11°C and 24°C, Summer: 23°C - 40°C
Major Wildlife Attraction in
Kanha National Park
: Tigers, Leopard, Gaur, Barasingha, Dhole
Best Time Visit of Kanha National Park : November 15 to June 15.

About to Kanha National Park

World renowned for its population of tigers, Kanha provides excellent opportunities for observing the magnificent in the wild. Kanha, with an area of 1940 sq. km. at an altitude of 1500 ft. is situated in the State of Madhya Pradesh in the heart of India, a region that is a rich variety of habitat, encouraging a wide diversity of wildlife.

Bisen, Kanha

Bisen, Kanha

A forest of deciduous hardwood, including Sal, is interspersed with bamboo and colorful flowering trees. The valley and plateaus are primarily meadowlands in pleasant contrast to the surrounding lush woodlands. The wildlife in Kanha is a good representation of the general diversity of India's fauna. One can see large herds of Indian Bison or the Gaur. Kanha also is well known for having a rare species of Barasingha or Swamp Deer, which has adapted to hard-ground habitat in contrast to its marsh-living cousin.

This species survives only in Kanha while the other one can be seen in Dudhwa and Kaziranga. Kanha is known better as Tiger country with ample opportunities for viewing the tiger from Elephant back. The other cat species found in Kanha are Leopard, Jungle cat, Leopard cat and Fishing cat. Also a major predator is the Indian Wild Dog or Dhole seen hunting in packs.

Kanha is also avian heaven with birds like Racket-tailed drongo, Magpie Robin, two species of hornbill seen in large numbers. During winters Kanha has large number of migratory birds such as Common Pochard, Lesser Whistling Teal and Blacj Stork. Raptors like Shikra, Honey Buzzard, Sparrow Hawk, lesser Kestrel, Crested serpent eagle, Crested Hawk can also be seen in the park along with vultures like Long-billed and Scavenger Vultures.

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